Romania vs. Bulgaria
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Date Thursday, 19 August 10:00
Calculated Thursday, 19 August 13:46
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6 : 7
Bulgaria wins !

26/08/10 05:46
03/08/10 17:08
Finally, the long waited moment came, the moment that none of us have ever assumed to be possible. We showed skill and good games, which were achieved after a lot of practice. Reaching the LAN finals would not be possible without WickyBG. With his almost 100 % success rate, Bulgaria made it to the final 4. Another important player for our team was Peachez, who also helped a lot. My experience was also crucial for the success of the team. Every team had many players, while ours had only 3 during the whole season. Players like KreeganBG, crazy_kon, Parchon, Slavkov, d1ad0ra didn’t play, but still we managed to reach the final stage.

I would like to say that we definitely are not outsiders in this tournament. We are totally motivated and ready for the first place and neither Blood, Bebe nor Hero or anyone else will stay in our way. We have better players and only the bad luck may play a trick on us.

Germany, here we come!


Best Regards, Team Bulgaria
16/08/10 14:00
Hello everyone and welcome to ASUS ENC 2010 Finals,

This is our first match from the offline tournament against our neighbors from Bulgaria being one great match judging by the last meeting when they beat us. We don't want the revenge, we just want to play better then our opponent.

Good luck and may the best team wins!

<3 Romania
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