Germany vs. Austria
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MatchID 18372880
Date Friday, 04 June 18:30
Calculated Friday, 04 June 20:26
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4 : 8
Austria wins !
Points 0 : +3
uploaded with ESL Wire 2010-06-03_21-06-58_MID_18372880_0.lil
82 kB, Thursday, 03 June 21:27, by 1000822 (GER)
uploaded with ESL Wire 2010-06-03_21-07-56_MID_18372880_0.lil
56 kB, Thursday, 03 June 21:27, by 1653160 (GER)
uploaded with ESL Wire 2010-06-03_21-28-58_MID_18372880_0.lil
92 kB, Thursday, 03 June 21:51, by 1000822 (GER)
uploaded with ESL Wire 2010-06-03_21-32-01_MID_18372880_0.lil
52 kB, Thursday, 03 June 21:51, by 1653160 (GER)
02/06/10 11:59
Austria vs. Germany
Hello Team Germany,
this match will be the toughest in the group but that does not mean that we will not fight for the best possible result.

We hope in a fair-play behavior from our opponents, and we are sure we will have some very interesting matches.

Team Manager of Austria,
Martin 'UserTheBest' Rausch

04/06/10 14:26
mario - krone 5-4
neco - daimonde 1-4
gimli - era 1-4

gimli - daimonde 4-2
neco - krone 3-1
mario - era 5-2

01/06/10 19:06
vs Austria
Our next Match will be played against Team Austria. In last years ENC we lost against them. It was our unique loss. This year we go for a revenge.. And the best is, we will have it in Austrias capital. The players know each other very wel because of the german 3on3 Pro Series. We know, that we are the better team, so we travel to Vienna to get an evident win!
gl hf
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