Romania vs. Spain
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MatchID 18372871
Date Wednesday, 23 June 20:00
Calculated Thursday, 24 June 02:09
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1 Minor Penalty  for  Spain
    ( Late statement )

1Major Penalty  for  Spain
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12 : 0
Romania wins !
Points +3 : 0
Wednesday, 23 June 20:57
185 kB, Wednesday, 23 June 20:57, by 1130123 (ROU)
uploaded with ESL Wire 2010-06-23_20-06-01_MID_18372871_0.lil
218 kB, Wednesday, 23 June 20:30, by Wepepote (ES)
uploaded with ESL Wire 2010-06-23_21-14-08_MID_18372871_0.lil
223 kB, Wednesday, 23 June 20:32, by 1756008 (ROU)
uploaded with ESL Wire 2010-06-24_07-11-28_MID_18372871_0.lil
356 kB, Wednesday, 23 June 20:30, by 3172576 (ROU)
* No longer available

24/06/10 04:58
RO [12:0] ESP // lethal [6:1] Wepep0te // night [10:0] ersevi // bebe [3:0*] DuMy // lethal [* Quits] Wepep0te // night [* Quits] sevi // bebe [* Quits] tito

23/06/10 05:13
Spain vs Romania
Hello Team Romania, ESL admins and spectators!

This is our last match in the ENC 2010 groupstage. Romania has a lot of good players but we will do our best to succed and take home the three points. We expect a good and fair match, without problems

Good luck Romania. Enjoy the game spectators.
May the better win .
21/06/10 10:15
Hello Team Spain,

This is our last match in the ENC 2010 groupstage. It will be a hard match because our playoff participation depends on the result vs Spain. Although Team Spain did not have great results this season, we consider them to be a good team, a team that can win any match if they focus hard enough. So let's hope for some nice games and may the best team win.

Have fun !
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