Spain vs. Hungary
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MatchID 18372866
Date Sunday, 06 June 21:00
Calculated Monday, 07 June 12:39
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1 Minor Penalty  for  Spain
    ( Wildcard )

1Major Penalty  for  Spain
    ( Wildcard )

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4 : 8
Hungary wins !
Points 0 : +3
uploaded with ESL Wire 2010-06-06_21-21-01_MID_18372866_0.lil
427 kB, Sunday, 06 June 21:52, by imijoe10 (HU)
uploaded with ESL Wire 2010-06-06_21-24-17_MID_18372866_0.lil
104 kB, Sunday, 06 June 22:02, by ReDw1nG (HU)
uploaded with ESL Wire 2010-06-06_21-29-04_MID_18372866_0.lil
22 kB, Sunday, 06 June 21:29, by 3303172 (ES)
uploaded with ESL Wire 2010-06-06_21-29-24_MID_18372866_0.lil
246 kB, Sunday, 06 June 21:51, by Wepepote (ES)
uploaded with ESL Wire 2010-06-06_21-30-39_MID_18372866_0.lil
62 kB, Sunday, 06 June 21:51, by Gabu (HU)
uploaded with ESL Wire 2010-06-06_22-06-00_MID_18372866_0.lil
44 kB, Sunday, 06 June 22:20, by ReDw1nG (HU)
uploaded with ESL Wire 2010-06-06_22-26-12_MID_18372866_0.lil
231 kB, Sunday, 06 June 22:47, by Wepepote (ES)
uploaded with ESL Wire 2010-06-06_22-26-15_MID_18372866_0.lil
60 kB, Sunday, 06 June 22:47, by Gabu (HU)
uploaded with ESL Wire 2010-06-06_22-26-53_MID_18372866_0.lil
190 kB, Sunday, 06 June 22:50, by imijoe10 (HU)
uploaded with ESL Wire 2010-06-06_22-28-01_MID_18372866_0.lil
47 kB, Sunday, 06 June 22:46, by ReDw1nG (HU)
25/05/10 18:13
Match Statement
Hello Hungary, ESL admins and spectators!
The Wednesday match against Hungary will be our 3nd in the 2010 season . Lineup to be reveal later , but you can be sure we will do our best to defend and win this match . We still need e-points so beware ! Remember our policy "win or death!" . Group stage is getting harder and harder every year and we must fight for every single point .
Good luck Hungary . Enjoy the game spectators .
May the better win .

07/06/10 06:36
HUNGARY vs. SPAIN [08:04] // Gabu vs. Wepep0te 6:3 // imijoe vs. ersevi 1:0 // ReDw1nG vs. tito 2:1 // Gabu vs. Wepep0te 2:3 // Redwing vs. ersevi 1:2 // imijoe vs. tito 5:3 //''

24/05/10 11:10
vs Spain
Hello Spain!

First of all, I would like to wish luck for both team.
Secondly, I hope this is the begining of the Fair Play in the whole ENC, because since 2008 ENC is not a league where the best team wins, it is a competition where you can win easily if you lose 12-0 as well, because if you write a protest, you are winner.
I think it is a big problem, because there are a lot of teams, who would be not able to win against the big teams, but via protest everyone can be the winner.
About this war, Spain didnt start so well in this season this competition, but I think they have the same skill like in the past, although if they didnt win any competition in the last years, I mean EMS or ENC or something like that.
We must win against Spain, and the best would be with a result of 12-0, because then I dont think so that we can lose the war in protest.
The biggest joke ever that since 2008 we didnt lose on the pitch, we won every of our matches but the ENC is able to show us a new trick and a new joke how to lose a match in protest.
It is a little bit more than exasperating now...
I hope all of the ENC admins's are reading this statement and starting to think about what did they do against Hungary in the last years.

Good Luck Espana! :)
Have Fun and Be Fair please!
Be the winner who wins on the war!

Team-Hungary. FIFA
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