Romania vs. Hungary
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Status: closed
MatchID 18372859
Date Wednesday, 28 April 20:00
Calculated Thursday, 29 April 11:40
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7 : 5
Romania wins !
Points +3 : 0
Wednesday, 28 April 21:40
522 kB, Wednesday, 28 April 21:40, by Gabu (HU)
Wednesday, 28 April 21:30
Csaszi's both lagdetects*
559 kB, Wednesday, 28 April 21:30, by 1713456 (HU)
Wednesday, 28 April 21:36
Round 1*
508 kB, Wednesday, 28 April 21:36, by 1756439 (HU)
uploaded with ESL Wire 2010-04-28_21-13-09_MID_18372859_0.lil
174 kB, Wednesday, 28 April 20:33, by 1756008 (ROU)
uploaded with ESL Wire 2010-04-28_22-01-53_MID_18372859_0.lil
39 kB, Wednesday, 28 April 21:26, by AleX (ROU)
uploaded with ESL Wire 2010-04-29_07-11-45_MID_18372859_0.lil
192 kB, Wednesday, 28 April 20:38, by 3172576 (ROU)
uploaded with ESL Wire 2010-04-29_07-53-58_MID_18372859_0.lil
177 kB, Wednesday, 28 April 21:12, by 3172576 (ROU)
uploaded with ESL Wire Round-1-BeBe-vs-Gabu.lil
189 kB, Wednesday, 28 April 20:44, by 2318552 (ROU)
uploaded with ESL Wire Round-2-Gabu-vs-BeBe.lil
175 kB, Wednesday, 28 April 21:17, by 2318552 (ROU)
* No longer available
27/04/10 04:35
Hello Team Hungary,

We are glad to take part in this new ENC season, and we are even happier to begin the matches with such a high rated team as Hungary is.

We hope in a fair-play behavior from our opponents, and we are sure we will have some very interesting matches.

Have fun !
26/04/10 16:18
Hi everybody!

New season, new chance. That is our first match in this ENC season, so both team have to be very concentrated because a good start is necessary to make the chance to win the competition. As I think, I do not have to introduce the teams in this group, all of them have got good players for win this group. That will be a very hard war but We hope that we will celebrate at the end:)

Good luck and have fun for both team!
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