United Kingdom vs. Germany
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 United Kingdom
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MatchID 18966745
Date Thursday, 19 August 17:40
Calculated Thursday, 19 August 21:33
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de_dust2 16 : 12
de_nuke 8 : 16
de_inferno 16 : 7
United Kingdom wins !


United Kingdom


19/08/10 01:40
16/08/10 15:51
It`s gamescom time! In our next match we have to play vs. the UK - a team full of top players.
We haven`t had the possiblity to prepare that well for the finals, since some players have been on summer holidays, but we have one big advantage this time...the thousands of German fans in front of our stage, who will hopefully all cheer for us like last year.
All of you guys can help us in our upcoming match - by becoming our 6th man on the server and help us go on to repeat the sucess of last year.
Lets hope for a fair game!
United Kingdom
16/08/10 13:53
UK vs Germany
So we finally arrive at Gamescom and we face the home nation. Germany are used to the ESL setup from their EPS and IFNG's. They won last year against the French who are also very strong. They will have support of the crowds and they will not be underestimated for sure.

We come into the match rather more unprepared than we'd like to be withh HudzG bootcamping with mTw the week before the event, and changing Mx for Re1ease at last minute.

The UK has gone for a long time without much to show for ourselves. Besides, we need revenge for the football.
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