France vs. Denmark
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MatchID 18966744
Date Thursday, 19 August 14:35
Calculated Thursday, 19 August 19:43
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de_nuke 14 : 16
de_train 7 : 16
Denmark wins !



10/08/10 06:16
Prematch Statement
Hey peepz!

We made it! We’re extremely proud to have made it this far, proving that the past two years of Danish ENC history isn’t what the Danish community is about – we got a lot more to offer!

I’d personally like to thank the players who aren’t representing the team at the finals. Most of them played one or more games during the group stage.

Jesper “purity” Larsen
Mathies “MEF” Eskildsen
Victor “v1ctor” Neergaard
Thomas “inCre” Hector
Martin “orga” Hansen

Thank you!

We’ve made it further than we expected. Now we’re facing the French national team, a team who made it to the finals last year and I think its save to say that we’re the underdogs. With that being said we’re still going into this game with high hopes of winning!

As always we’d like to wish our opponents and their fans best of luck and lets all hope for an enjoyable game! GLHF

19/08/10 01:39
22/07/10 01:35
For this semi final we are opposing to Denmark, one of thé more dangerous nation in this ENC.
We Will have to be serious to obtain the victory. We Will try to impose our style during the game.
We wish a good and fair game.
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