Switzerland vs. Spain
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MatchID 13278347
Date Tuesday, 19 May 17:00
Calculated Tuesday, 19 May 19:09
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1on1:  Turtle Rock, Twisted Meadows<tba>
WuLvEraTe 0 : 2 VortiX
1on1:  Twisted Meadows, Turtle Rock<tba>
PiNoi 0 : 2 LucifroN7
1on1:  Echo Isles, Ancient Isles<tba>
PiNoi 0 : 2 VortiX
1on1:  Death Trap, <tba><tba>
WuLvEraTe : LucifroN7
2on2:  Gnoll Wood, <tba><tba>
WuLvEraTe, Lefthander : LucifroN7, Ryo_
Spain wins !
[+] 0 : 3 ES
Points 0 : +3
Tuesday, 19 May 17:35
PiNoi vs. LucifroN7 Game1
107 kB, Tuesday, 19 May 17:35, by 2440644 (ES)
Tuesday, 19 May 17:48
PiNoi vs. LucifroN7 Game2
73 kB, Tuesday, 19 May 17:48, by 2440644 (ES)
Tuesday, 19 May 18:04
PiNoi vs. VortiX Game1
78 kB, Tuesday, 19 May 18:04, by 2440644 (ES)
Tuesday, 19 May 18:20
PiNoi vs. VortiX Game2
88 kB, Tuesday, 19 May 18:20, by 2440644 (ES)
Tuesday, 19 May 18:52
WuLvEraTe vs. VortiX Game1
110 kB, Tuesday, 19 May 18:52, by 2440644 (ES)
Tuesday, 19 May 19:07
WuLvEraTe vs. VortiX Game2
104 kB, Tuesday, 19 May 19:07, by 2440644 (ES)
18/05/09 09:52
Spain Vs Switzerland
QR3 already! Finally! We have come a long way from QR1, playing the abusive amount of two matches.
The qualifiers have gone good for us so far, since we haven't lost a single map yet. Maybe it's time to learn the taste of the defeat, but I don't think so!

So, will the brave Swiss players be strong enough to damage the immaculate integrity of Spanish Army? (Like Federer did past Sunday against Nadal)

Or, on the contrary, will Spanish players continue their unstoppable winning streak and beat Switzerland? (Like Nadal is going to do in Roland Garros in a few days)

Best of lucks Swiss friends, and may the best win!

Fighting for Rafa!!
18/05/09 11:42
b[Switzerland VS Spain]b
"Goddamnit, why the heck SPAIN", this were my first thoughts when i saw the live drawings of the QR3 on esl-tv.

Its definetely the hardest opponent you could get in QR3 (except Norway maybe ...) but god wanted us to get them :)

So we, as the little dwarvens of the Alps will do our best to bring a hard competition to the Giant-Brothers from the South, with Players like Lucifron, Vortix and the 3rd Moreno-Duran, Ryo.

Spain will be VERY hard to beat, so we got to use all of our strenght, will and faith to make the eSports-miracle happen :)

Im looking forward to a nice clanwar and wish all other participants of QR3 the best of luck, and Spain, keep in mind: Underdogs can bite too !

GL HF Switzerland fighting !
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