Denmark vs. Slovakia
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Status: closed
MatchID 13278339
Date Tuesday, 19 May 17:00
Calculated Tuesday, 19 May 19:15
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1on1:  Ancient Isle, <tba><tba>
ThomasG : aMa
1on1:  Twisted Meadows, <tba><tba>
Ciara : Klerna
1on1:  Turtle Rock, <tba><tba>
ThomasG 2 : 0 Klerna
1on1:  Echo Isles, <tba><tba>
Ciara 2 : 0 aMa
2on2:  Gnoll Wood, <tba><tba>
Ciara, ThomasG 2 : 0 aMa, TiGRicek
Denmark wins !
DEN 3 : 0 SVK
Points +3 : 0
Tuesday, 19 May 18:53
Ciara/ThomasG vs. aMa/TiGRicek Game1
309 kB, Tuesday, 19 May 18:53, by 1408211
Tuesday, 19 May 19:14
Ciara/ThomasG vs. aMa/TiGRicek Game2
250 kB, Tuesday, 19 May 19:14, by 1408211
Tuesday, 19 May 17:50
Ciara vs. aMa Game1
301 kB, Tuesday, 19 May 17:50, by 831679 (DEN)
Tuesday, 19 May 18:23
Ciara vs. aMa Game2
116 kB, Tuesday, 19 May 18:23, by 1408211
Tuesday, 19 May 17:41
ThomasG vs Klerna game 1
100 kB, Tuesday, 19 May 17:41, by 1739245 (DEN)
Tuesday, 19 May 17:40
ThomasG vs. Klerna Game2
66 kB, Tuesday, 19 May 17:40, by 1408211



14/05/09 04:46
3rd quali round
Hi all fans of ENC,

after walking over 1st and 2nd round of this years' qualification we are here. Who could expect few weeks ago that we can make it? Due to our mass inactivity and school/work duties, nobody is the answer. Now, when the main round is so close we believe much more than ever before that we can knock out whole w3 world despite the guy on ESL TV was not very merciful and choosed Denmark for us by lot. Anyway, we will do our best like always and do all we can to bring this important victory home. We are not afraid of favourites!

GL HF Denmark
13/05/09 11:58
Once again
Hello People,
It is an honour and a priviledge to stand here as the captain of the Danish Warcraft III team once again. We start out this year facing Slovakia, which is definatly going to be an interresting match, however, I do believe we will come out as the victorious team.
The structure of ENC has been changed due to economic reasons(LORL) and because of that I believe Denmark has a slightly better chance of going really far in this tournament.
As usual I have faith in my players and I wish the best of luck to Slovakia. May the gaming Gods shine upon us on tuesday.

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