Name SUI vs. ES Date 19/05/09
File size 88 kB Category replay/demo
File name  37503270.w3g
League  2009 Warcraft 3 Clanwar Qualification Round 3
Match /play/archive/esl-europe/enc/2009/wc3/clanwar/qr3/match/13278347/
Match media PiNoi vs. VortiX Game2
Description Switzerland vs. Spain
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Additional information
Length of game 00:10:29 Version 1.23
Speed Fast Map (2)AncientIsles
 ESP.VortiX    (APM: 270)
Death Knight (4)    Lich (2)    Dark Ranger (1)   
Buildings   Units   Items   Actions
 ID.DaVE    (APM: 184)
Blademaster (3)    Shadow Hunter (2)    Tauren Chieftain (1)   
Buildings   Units   Items   Actions
Actions per minute
  ESP.VortiX          ID.DaVE       
based on "PHP Warcraft III Replay Parser" by Juliusz 'Julas' Gonera,
extended by Maarten 'Sivi' Manders and Jan-Philipp 'Thefly' Reining

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