Italy vs. Spain
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 8.  2.

Status: closed
MatchID 13278335
Date Tuesday, 05 May 17:00
Calculated Wednesday, 06 May 01:12
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Result Media
1on1:  Melting Valley, Ancient Isle
stiLo 0 : 2 MaCk
1on1:  Echo Isles, Ancient Isle
ArAchNoPhoBiA 0 : 0 VortiX
1on1:  Ancient Isle, Ancient Isle
stiLo 0 : 2 VortiX
1on1:  Secret Valley, Ancient Isle
ArAchNoPhoBiA 0 : 0 MaCk
2on2:  Gnoll Wood, Avalanche
ArAchNoPhoBiA, YaZo 0 : 2 Arius, MaCk
Spain wins !
ITA 0 : 3 ES
Points 0 : +3
Tuesday, 05 May 21:16
ArAchNoPhoBiA/YaZo vs. Arius/MaCk Game1
104 kB, Tuesday, 05 May 21:16, by 2440644 (ES)
Tuesday, 05 May 21:33
ArAchNoPhoBiA/YaZo vs. Arius/MaCk Game2
177 kB, Tuesday, 05 May 21:33, by 2440644 (ES)
Tuesday, 05 May 18:03
stiLo vs. MaCk Game1
107 kB, Tuesday, 05 May 18:03, by 2440644 (ES)
Tuesday, 05 May 18:43
stiLo vs. MaCk Game2
173 kB, Tuesday, 05 May 18:43, by 1471219 (ES)
Tuesday, 05 May 18:44
stiLo vs. VortiX Game1
90 kB, Tuesday, 05 May 18:44, by 1471219 (ES)
Tuesday, 05 May 18:45
stiLo vs. VortiX Game2
86 kB, Tuesday, 05 May 18:45, by 1471219 (ES)
05/05/09 06:36

Hi all:)

We are ready for the first match of this enc, coming from the good results of the last season... we hope we can perform our best versus the one who is (imo) the best team of this season... so we need a miracle... but i believe in jesus:)

oh wait! (cit.)
04/05/09 10:40
Spain Vs Italy
In QR2 we are facing the last country starting with I in the whole tournament, after we defeated Ireland in QR1. We want to try our potential vs other letters, so we have to win this match in order to advance further.

After the convincing victory of Lucifron in ESWC, the other spanish players want to show that they can be very competitive too, so it won't be an easy win for Italy!

Anyway, Good Luck Italian mates, do it for the I!
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