Denmark vs. Ukraine
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Status: closed
MatchID 13278256
Date Wednesday, 01/07/09 12:00
Calculated 02/07/09 01:20
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1on1:  Turtle Rock, Secret Valley, Echo Isles
ThomasG 1 : 2 Kas
1on1:  Ancient Isle, Echo Isles<tba>
Ciara 0 : 2 HoT
1on1:  Twisted Meadows, Turtle Rock<tba>
ThomasG 0 : 2 HoT
1on1:  Secret Valley, Turtle Rock<tba>
Ciara 2 : 0 Kas
2on2:  Gnoll Wood, Twisted Meadows, Avalanche
ThomasG, Rosenkill 2 : 1 HoT, TRH.c-club
Ukraine wins !
DEN 2 : 3 Ukraine
Points +2 : +3
01/07/09 14:44
Ciara vs. HoT Game1
93 kB, 01/07/09 14:44, by illu
01/07/09 15:12
Ciara vs. HoT Game2
81 kB, 01/07/09 15:12, by 2040500 (Ukraine)
01/07/09 13:43
Ciara vs. Kas Game1
258 kB, 01/07/09 13:43, by 2040500 (Ukraine)
01/07/09 14:23
Ciara vs. Kas Game2
203 kB, 01/07/09 14:23, by illu
01/07/09 13:22
ThomasG vs. HoT Game1
88 kB, 01/07/09 13:22, by illu
01/07/09 13:41
ThomasG vs. HoT Game2
150 kB, 01/07/09 13:41, by illu
05/07/09 14:53
ThomasG vs. Kas Game1
98 kB, 05/07/09 14:53, by Santo
05/07/09 14:17
ThomasG vs. Kas Game1
100 kB, 05/07/09 14:17, by 2040500 (Ukraine)
05/07/09 14:34
ThomasG vs. Kas Game2
109 kB, 05/07/09 14:34, by 2040500 (Ukraine)
05/07/09 14:53
ThomasG vs. Kas Game2
106 kB, 05/07/09 14:53, by Santo
05/07/09 14:53
ThomasG vs. Kas Game3
153 kB, 05/07/09 14:53, by Santo
01/07/09 12:11
ThomasG/Rosenkill vs. HoT/TRH.c-club Game1
191 kB, 01/07/09 12:11, by illu
01/07/09 12:42
ThomasG/Rosenkill vs. HoT/TRH.c-club Game2
318 kB, 01/07/09 12:42, by illu
01/07/09 13:02
ThomasG/Rosenkill vs. HoT/TRH.c-club Game3
210 kB, 01/07/09 13:02, by illu
29/06/09 03:04
First of all wanted to say to all our fans , or to people who think they are : We are rly trying to make rezault in every match , and if something going wrong dont need to say " F.... Y.. B.. !" better say "Gl Guys" mb then rezault will came in easy way ...
About team Denmark i can find only a good words , feel respect to them , btw as for me i feel respect to every team from this championship (Cant forget team Croatia and their brave 2x2 xD ) .
We doing the same buisness so let the BEST TEAM WIN!

Regards MrPovaL.
27/06/09 17:29
Final day!
Good day people!
This is the last match of the main round and so far my players have done nothing but make me happy. We are leading with 2 points right now, so a 4-1 result would be the optimal solution of this war. Ukraine is really strong and we have great respect for them. I am, however, quite confident before this match that my players will be fit for fight and do my bidding and thereby win this war with the hopeful result of 4-1.
May the gaming gods be with us all - Love


02/07/09 14:04
ThomasG vs Kas wildcarded
New match date for the final 1on1: Sunday, 5th July, 20:00 CET.
comments (38)
1:4 for ukraine pls :)
hehe, gotta disappoint you there, phlly :) mirror that result around, and you got a happy Rholle
I good in mirror:D same as hot:)
Bly good vs elfs and orc O_O
Kas Talanted
4/1 for Ukraine 2/2 lose probably only
Not only my opinion
How about i lose one of my solo on purpose, if you make TRH.c_club write all your statements from now on? XD

fucking epic as always making little to no sense, but i think i get the jist of it.
hehe ciara))) so lolz)) hot take 2, kas take 2, 2v2 probably lose, so should be 4-1 )))))
1 edits
Thomasg + 2v2 3 : 2 for ukraine
ppl))) all ukr got nice mu vs orc and elf))) as for me it's my best mu)))))
WE are the Champions -Ukraine!
gogogog DENMARK :D
Gogogo Denmark win!!! Thomas & Ciara <3
Kas's BO3 vs ThomasG is Wildcarded by Ukraine cause of Kas's bad feelings.
2 edits
Bad feelings :P ? aka feeling sick?
y so bo3 vs thomasG wildcarded bei team ua
^ Yup.
BTW till when can we expect ThomasG vs. Kas to be played?
Gogo DK ))))
status closed? so is the fifth game not being played? that would mean that germany is on first place.
^ The fifth game will be played, it is postponed. And even so DK will place on top of Germany despite what the rankings say atm due to the direct match result between them.
Kas do it!
Germany needs first place
#23 if denmark doesn't score here they have only 9 points and germany 10...
gogo kas
gogo thomasG!!! :D
2 edits
Kas macht das klar^^.
so WHEN is the last, most important, game being played?
gogo, Kas!
GO THOMASG. DK will make it.
goodluck to thomas =) but we trust in kas!!
will the match be streamed on wtv?

hope kas will do it ;)
nice job Kas!! ;)
Yehaw! What a photo-finish for germany!
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