Russia vs. Poland
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Status: closed
MatchID 13278255
Date Thursday, 02 July 17:00
Calculated Thursday, 02 July 19:42
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1 Minor Penalty  for  Poland
    ( Wildcarding after Thursday of the week before the match )

Result Media
1on1:  Echo Isles, Turtle Rock, Death Trap
Sting 1 : 2 MeS
1on1:  Secret Valley, Ancient Isles<tba>
Raida 2 : 0 zapek_pl
1on1:  Turtle Rock, Ancient Isles<tba>
Sting 2 : 0 zapek_pl
1on1:  Death Trap, Twisted Meadows<tba>
Raida 2 : 0 MeS
2on2:  Turtle Rock, Twisted Meadows, Gnoll Wood
Roll, SDmK 2 : 1 Paladyn, ValeR
Russia wins !
RUS 4 : 1 POL
Points +4 : +1
Thursday, 02 July 19:16
Raida vs. MeS Game1
96 kB, Thursday, 02 July 19:16, by D4nny
Thursday, 02 July 19:34
Raida vs. MeS Game2
77 kB, Thursday, 02 July 19:34, by D4nny
Thursday, 02 July 17:23
Raida vs. zapek_pl Game1
122 kB, Thursday, 02 July 17:23, by StrangeR (RUS)
Thursday, 02 July 17:45
Raida vs. zapek_pl Game2
126 kB, Thursday, 02 July 17:45, by StrangeR (RUS)
Thursday, 02 July 18:27
Roll/SDmK vs. Paladyn/ValeR Game1
285 kB, Thursday, 02 July 18:27, by StrangeR (RUS)
Thursday, 02 July 19:08
Roll/SDmK vs. Paladyn/ValeR Game2
190 kB, Thursday, 02 July 19:08, by StrangeR (RUS)
Thursday, 02 July 19:09
Roll/SDmK vs. Paladyn/ValeR Game3
161 kB, Thursday, 02 July 19:09, by StrangeR (RUS)
Thursday, 02 July 17:30
Sting vs. MeS Game1
186 kB, Thursday, 02 July 17:30, by D4nny
Thursday, 02 July 17:49
Sting vs. MeS Game2
126 kB, Thursday, 02 July 17:49, by D4nny
Thursday, 02 July 18:51
Sting vs. MeS Game3
345 kB, Thursday, 02 July 18:51, by D4nny
Thursday, 02 July 19:27
Sting vs. zapek_pl Game1
126 kB, Thursday, 02 July 19:27, by StrangeR (RUS)
Thursday, 02 July 19:42
Sting vs. zapek_pl Game2
100 kB, Thursday, 02 July 19:42, by StrangeR (RUS)
01/07/09 10:47
Final countdown
Hello ladies and gentleman. There is interesting situation in our group. Destiny of direct slot in finals depends of result not only our match, but we must do all possible for improving our chances for getting 1st place.
Poland showed good games during group stage and I'm sure they want to win last match in this ENC season. Russia needs 5 points, if we want to apply on slot in finals, we will do our best and hope on good results for us in matches of our enemies.
gl hf.
30/06/09 07:48
Russia vs Poland
Hello guys!!

We have only 7 points so far so actually we are out of the game. This is the last match in ENC for Poland this year. However, we won't lie down and wait for the russian rush. We are going to play as well as we can and we want to achieve some points just to make our fans satisfied. Russia has a great team and this match will be extremely hard for our players. Each one from the polish team did his best in ENC, we were well prepared for each match and our motivation was strong. I really admire my players, we were playing with all one's heart and I would like to thank them for every moment that we spent together fighting here in European Nations Championship. Thank you guys and let's make a great show on thursday. For one another and for all of the polish fans.

GL HF Russia & best regards,
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