Germany vs. Ukraine
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Status: closed
MatchID 13278251
Date Wednesday, 24/06/09 11:30
Calculated 25/06/09 05:08
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Result Media
1on1:  Echo Isles, Secret Valley, Death Trap
HasuObs 2 : 1 Kas
1on1:  Turtle Rock, Twisted Meadows, Secret Valley
ixi 2 : 1 HoT
1on1:  Secret Valley, Ancient Isle<tba>
HasuObs 2 : 0 HoT
1on1:  Melting Valley, Secret Valley<tba>
ixi 0 : 2 Kas
2on2:  Lost Temple (RoC version), Twisted Meadows<tba>
HasuObs, hanf 2 : 0 TRH.c-club, HoT
Germany wins !
GER 4 : 1 Ukraine
Points +4 : +1
24/06/09 14:09
HasuObs vs. Kas Game1
195 kB, 24/06/09 14:09, by 2040500 (Ukraine)
24/06/09 14:25
HasuObs vs. Kas Game2
83 kB, 24/06/09 14:25, by 2040500 (Ukraine)
24/06/09 14:55
HasuObs vs. Kas Game3
192 kB, 24/06/09 14:55, by HasuObs (GER)
02/07/09 15:21
HasuObs/hanf vs. TRH.c-club/HoT Game1
152 kB, 02/07/09 15:21, by Nik (GER)
02/07/09 13:23
HasuObs/hanf vs. TRH.c-club/HoT Game1
477 kB, 02/07/09 13:23, by HasuObs (GER)
02/07/09 15:21
HasuObs/hanf vs. TRH.c-club/HoT Game2
150 kB, 02/07/09 15:21, by HasuObs (GER)
24/06/09 14:49
ixi vs. HoT Game1
108 kB, 24/06/09 14:49, by DrunKin
24/06/09 14:49
ixi vs. HoT Game2
156 kB, 24/06/09 14:49, by DrunKin
24/06/09 20:07
ixi vs. HoT Game3
153 kB, 24/06/09 20:07, by DrunKin
24/06/09 13:02
ixi vs. Kas Game1
108 kB, 24/06/09 13:02, by illu
24/06/09 13:36
kas vs ixi ( sv )
234 kB, 24/06/09 13:36, by Kas (Ukraine)
23/06/09 03:19
Orcs Orcs Orcs ....
As i remember Ukraine has only 2 top orcs : Fox and Ghost , both didnt play wc3 serious now . I think noone in Ukraine 1 or 2 years cant even dream about patch 1.23 , where one brave HERO , run with speed 240 km/h , hit with 100 critical per one second , and being invisible ( OMG ) !!!

Huh as for me BladeMaster is a real HERO nowdays ! Sad that team Ukraine hasnt him in our squad .
Our target with team Germany is getting minimum 2 points ,maximum 5 and i hope we are know how to make it .

So i wish Good LUck to Germany , Let the BEST team WIN!

Regards MrPovaL.

02/07/09 04:16
Wildcard used by Germany
Germany postponed the 2on2. New match date is Thursday 2nd July at 17:00 CET.
22/06/09 08:51
Hey guys, this week we have to play against the mighty ukraine.
I was looking for their ESL-profile and i was like: "WTF? THERE IS NO ORC!" Ok, maybe you think something like "bah, human>orc, elf>orc, who cares about orc" but in fact, you cant win without orc! Really! For sure! But there's more to it than that. As far as i know they WON 2 matches from 3 WITHOUT an orc! Can you imagine that? I cant. And their enemys had a LOT of orcs...

Due to that fact we are really afraid now, maybe we have to use another orc (or 2) to get a small chance to win this very important match.

GL HF, lets hope for an entertaining, (maybe orcfree) match
comments (32)
GoGo Germany!
"Orcs, Orcs, Orcs" xD
Ukraine hasn't orcs, but Ukraine has HoT!
XlorD > HoT
Lord solves!!!
orcs orcs orcs ^_^
I fear more about humba then the rest :P
UDs PLS ^^
whoooos hot ?! :O
germany 5:0
kas baby gogo : )
Go germany 5:0
gogogo germany :D
omfg Hasu... why Lag ?!?!?! Damn !!
xDDD Hasu bashed HoT and it was 100% over. But lags just solve.
lol hasu bashed him 2 times rofl
Gogo Hot & Kas!!
kas is nice!
wie sauber. starkes game
no replays of HoT-me cause we had to save twice
kas, u had bad day? :D:D
Hot lose? ;x
why no 2on2?
@#23: germany used a wildcard for the 2on2
Wildcard used by Germany
kas won against ixi ... i can't believe it =/
btw, gg germany! hui!
will they play the 2on2? (i know it was postponed^^)
and why did they use the wildcard?^^ they could've won the 2on2 maybe.
they will play the 2on2 at the weekend ;)
but i dont know the exact time
when is the 2n2?
They used the wc because hanf had a thing ;).
hope he still has a "thing" >_<
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