Poland vs. Ukraine
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MatchID 13278250
Date Wednesday, 17 June 19:00
Calculated Wednesday, 17 June 22:35
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1 Minor Penalty  for  Poland
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Result Media
1on1:  Ancient Isle, Twisted Meadows, Secret Valley
Paladyn 1 : 2 TRH.c-club
1on1:  Turtle Rock, Twisted Meadows, Melting Valley
MeS 1 : 2 Kas
1on1:  Twisted Meadows, Echo Isles<tba>
Paladyn 2 : 0 Kas
1on1:  Echo Isles, Twisted Meadows<tba>
MeS 0 : 2 TRH.c-club
2on2:  Gnoll Wood, Twisted Meadows, Turtle Rock
Paladyn, ValeR 1 : 2 Kas, Sonik
Ukraine wins !
POL 1 : 4 Ukraine
Points +1 : +4
Wednesday, 17 June 21:07
MeS vs. Kas Game1
85 kB, Wednesday, 17 June 21:07, by illu
Wednesday, 17 June 21:29
MeS vs. Kas Game2
86 kB, Wednesday, 17 June 21:29, by illu
Wednesday, 17 June 21:58
MeS vs. Kas Game3
152 kB, Wednesday, 17 June 21:58, by illu
Wednesday, 17 June 19:32
MeS vs. TRH.c-club Game1
80 kB, Wednesday, 17 June 19:32, by illu
Wednesday, 17 June 19:51
MeS vs. TRH.c-club Game2
111 kB, Wednesday, 17 June 19:51, by illu
Wednesday, 17 June 19:49
Paladyn/ValeR vs. Kas/Sonik Game1
360 kB, Wednesday, 17 June 19:49, by DrunKin
Wednesday, 17 June 20:15
Paladyn/ValeR vs. Kas/Sonik Game2
204 kB, Wednesday, 17 June 20:15, by DrunKin
Wednesday, 17 June 20:47
Paladyn/ValeR vs. Kas/Sonik Game3
461 kB, Wednesday, 17 June 20:47, by illu
Wednesday, 17 June 22:18
Paladyn vs. Kas Game1
119 kB, Wednesday, 17 June 22:18, by illu
Wednesday, 17 June 22:35
Paladyn vs. Kas Game2
113 kB, Wednesday, 17 June 22:35, by illu
Wednesday, 17 June 21:12
Paladyn vs. TRH.c-club Game1
118 kB, Wednesday, 17 June 21:12, by DrunKin
Wednesday, 17 June 21:12
Paladyn vs. TRH.c-club Game1
109 kB, Wednesday, 17 June 21:12, by 1608238 (Ukraine)
Wednesday, 17 June 21:28
Paladyn vs. TRH.c-club Game2
106 kB, Wednesday, 17 June 21:28, by DrunKin
Wednesday, 17 June 21:49
Paladyn vs. TRH.c-club Game3
161 kB, Wednesday, 17 June 21:49, by DrunKin
15/06/09 16:18
Hi there ! Dont want to talk about football when we must play with team Poland in wc3. They are showed to all , their team has a great team spirit and ready to fight with anyone .
Our target will be Paladyn , we must stop him and we will win !
I hope our fans will be with us in this hard evening !

Let the best team WIN !
Regards MrPoval
15/06/09 15:42
Poland vs Ukraine
Poland and Ukraine are neighbours and will organize Euro'2012 in football. We need to cooperate there but here, in ENC, we have to face each other in order to get some significant points.

Ukraine, even without HoT, seems to be one of the best teams in Europe. Sonic lost his games in the last match but Kas, after his tough training on pro ladder, is in a good form lately. He is showing pretty nice performance in ENC. Moreover, Ukraine has players like Majestic, Bly... This match will be very important one for our team. We are about to keep our top3 position in the group. Ukraine is much higher in the ESL rank. It causes the fact that they are favourites. But after our last score, which was 2-3 vs Germany, we are supposed to win this match. Otherwise our situation might become more complicated before the last match against very strong russian team.

GL & HF!!
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