Spain vs. Sweden
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MatchID 13278241
Date Wednesday, 01 July 20:00
Calculated Wednesday, 01 July 23:36
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1on1:  Twisted Meadows, Turtle Rock, Ancient Isle
VortiX 1 : 2 DowaQ
1on1:  Echo Isles, Twisted Meadows, Secret Valley
LucifroN7 2 : 1 LiiLD.C
1on1:  Death Trap, Secret Valley<tba>
VortiX 0 : 2 LiiLD.C
1on1:  Ancient Isle, Echo Isles<tba>
LucifroN7 2 : 0 DowaQ
2on2:  Lost Temple (RoC version), Twisted Meadows<tba>
LucifroN7, VortiX 2 : 0 KnOfF, LiiLD.C
Spain wins !
ES 3 : 2 SWE
Points +3 : +2
Wednesday, 01 July 23:09
LucifroN7 vs. DowaQ Game1
191 kB, Wednesday, 01 July 23:09, by EndarS (SWE)
Wednesday, 01 July 23:25
LucifroN7 vs. DowaQ Game2
74 kB, Wednesday, 01 July 23:25, by 2440644 (ES)
Wednesday, 01 July 21:08
LucifroN7 vs. LiiLD.C Game1
137 kB, Wednesday, 01 July 21:08, by 2440644 (ES)
Wednesday, 01 July 21:14
LucifroN7 vs. LiiLD.C Game2
51 kB, Wednesday, 01 July 21:14, by 2440644 (ES)
Wednesday, 01 July 21:32
LucifroN7 vs. LiiLD.C Game3
117 kB, Wednesday, 01 July 21:32, by 2440644 (ES)
Wednesday, 01 July 20:52
LucifroN7/VortiX vs. KnOfF/LiiLD.C Game1
186 kB, Wednesday, 01 July 20:52, by 1471219 (ES)
Wednesday, 01 July 20:43
LucifroN7/VortiX vs. KnOfF/LiiLD.C Game1
145 kB, Wednesday, 01 July 20:43, by EndarS (SWE)
Wednesday, 01 July 21:08
LucifroN7/VortiX vs. KnOfF/LiiLD.C Game2
147 kB, Wednesday, 01 July 21:08, by 2440644 (ES)
Wednesday, 01 July 21:09
VortiX vs. DowaQ Game1
124 kB, Wednesday, 01 July 21:09, by EndarS (SWE)
Wednesday, 01 July 22:40
VortiX vs. DowaQ Game2
127 kB, Wednesday, 01 July 22:40, by EndarS (SWE)
Wednesday, 01 July 21:33
VortiX vs. DowaQ Game2
203 kB, Wednesday, 01 July 21:33, by EndarS (SWE)
Wednesday, 01 July 23:15
VortiX vs. LiiLD.C Game1
201 kB, Wednesday, 01 July 23:15, by 1471219 (ES)
Wednesday, 01 July 23:29
VortiX vs. LiiLD.C Game2
91 kB, Wednesday, 01 July 23:29, by EndarS (SWE)


30/06/09 11:54
Spain Vs Sweden
Main round is nearly over. Just one match more has to be played, but it's a very important one. As Endars said, we need to win 4-1 or 5-0 in order to finish over Sweden and assure our presence in finals. So, as he said too, their mission is simple: take 2 points. But in this case, I guess "simple" isn't synonym of "easy". They'll have to sweat for each unit killed, for each hero murdered, for each map taken. Their troops will be blademastered and coilnovaed without any mercy.

Sweden's aspirations are high, as they want to finish Main Round 6-0 playing just 5 matches, which is pretty difficult. But they will try hard to get at least a great 5-0 record.

However, we are thirsty of points too, so we can sumarize this match in one word: hard. Very hard, for both teams. But exciting and amazing, for sure. It's the clash of the titans, the fight for supremacy in team A. First ranked vs seconds. Moreno Durán vs Daniel Claesson and his compatriots. Good luck Swedish mates, the show is guaranteed.
29/06/09 22:03
Sweden vs Moreno Dur&aacute;n
We are going to finish our main round run here in Group A with the match against Spain. The stakes are clear when we are going into this match. Spain has to win with 4:1 or 5:0 to pass us in the group. That makes our mission quite simple, take at least 2 points and finish first in the group. We really want to conclude the main round with a perfect: 6-0 score in matches.

Though Spain is a good team they seem to lack a consistence in their performances and we feel confident that if we continue the way we have done throughout the season we have a strong shot at taking home the game.

We would love to get to the offline finals in August and show everyone that the current players in Team Sweden can take home an ENC gold just as the “old squad” did back in the days.

It will be great fun to play with Spain and we want to wish them a good game and hope that they will have an enjoyable time!
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