Romania vs. Sweden
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MatchID 13278235
Date Sunday, 21 June 18:00
Calculated Sunday, 21 June 20:29
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1 Minor Penalty  for  Romania
    ( Rule 2.17. - Late Statement )

Result Media
1on1:  Death Trap, Echo Isles<tba>
mess 0 : 2 LiiLD.C
1on1:  Ancient Isle, Secret Valley<tba>
NightEnD 2 : 0 KnOfF
1on1:  Melting Valley, Echo Isles<tba>
mess 0 : 2 KnOfF
1on1:  Twisted Meadows, Turtle Rock<tba>
NightEnD 0 : 2 LiiLD.C
2on2:  Avalanche, Turtle Rock<tba>
IGG-fishlips, Shane 0 : 2 KnOfF, LiiLD.C
Sweden wins !
RO 1 : 4 SWE
Points +1 : +4
Sunday, 21 June 19:59
IGG-fishlips/Shane vs. KnOfF/LiiLD.C Game1
110 kB, Sunday, 21 June 19:59, by EndarS (SWE)
Sunday, 21 June 20:21
IGG-fishlips/Shane vs. KnOfF/LiiLD.C Game2
185 kB, Sunday, 21 June 20:21, by EndarS (SWE)
Sunday, 21 June 19:02
mess vs. KnOfF Game1
74 kB, Sunday, 21 June 19:02, by D4nny
Sunday, 21 June 19:24
mess vs. KnOfF Game2
103 kB, Sunday, 21 June 19:24, by D4nny
Sunday, 21 June 18:24
mess vs. LiiLD.C Game1
104 kB, Sunday, 21 June 18:24, by D4nny
Sunday, 21 June 18:42
mess vs. LiiLD.C Game2
103 kB, Sunday, 21 June 18:42, by D4nny
Sunday, 21 June 18:20
NightEnD vs. KnOfF Game1
102 kB, Sunday, 21 June 18:20, by EndarS (SWE)
Sunday, 21 June 18:45
NightEnD vs. KnOfF Game2
149 kB, Sunday, 21 June 18:45, by EndarS (SWE)
Sunday, 21 June 19:17
NightEnD vs. LiiLD.C Game1
141 kB, Sunday, 21 June 19:17, by EndarS (SWE)
Sunday, 21 June 19:38
NightEnD vs. LiiLD.C Game2
163 kB, Sunday, 21 June 19:38, by EndarS (SWE)
20/06/09 16:05
Sweden appears to be this season's favourite, having one of the most solid rosters of all the teams. We expected a positive result against Finland but since we've lost, we've basicly shot ourselves in the foot. However we're not gonna give up and we will not throw matches away against the remaining teams.

We're gonna try to snatch a point or two from the swedes and offer some nice games, as well as give the other teams a run for their money :D

GL LiilD.C & Co.
17/06/09 09:53
Sweden vs Romania
Romania managed to snatch two points away from the Netherlands and if we are not careful we could definitely walk into the same situation ourselves. We want to take as many points as possible in this match to secure our lead in the group and hence release some pressure on us before our important games against Spain and Finland.

The team had the opportunity to meet up during the past weekend at Dreamhack which is a huge LAN event here in Sweden, we took the time and discussed the ENC-season ahead of us and all I can say is that we feel very prepared to play against Romania.
We hope that we will be able to put up a nice show this Sunday and that Romania is ready to show us why they belong in this ENC season.
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