Netherlands vs. Romania
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MatchID 13278228
Date Sunday, 07 June 20:00
Calculated Sunday, 07 June 23:21
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1on1:  Twisted Meadows, Ancient Isle, Secret Valley
Grubby 1 : 2 NightEnD
1on1:  Ancient Isle, Echo Isles<tba>
RotterdaM 2 : 0 Kramer
1on1:  Secret Valley, Twisted Meadows<tba>
Grubby 2 : 0 Kramer
1on1:  Echo Isles, Turtle Rock<tba>
RotterdaM 0 : 2 NightEnD
2on2:  Gnoll Wood, Lost Temple (RcC), Turtle Rock
RotterdaM, Grubby 2 : 1 NightEnD, Kramer
Netherlands wins !
NL 3 : 2 RO
Points +3 : +2
Sunday, 07 June 22:30
game 2 grub vs nend
165 kB, Sunday, 07 June 22:30, by fishlips (RO)
Sunday, 07 June 22:23
Grubby vs. Kramer Game1
65 kB, Sunday, 07 June 22:23, by Zerter (NL)
Sunday, 07 June 22:41
Grubby vs. Kramer Game2
107 kB, Sunday, 07 June 22:41, by DrunKin
Sunday, 07 June 21:19
Grubby vs. NightEnD Game1
82 kB, Sunday, 07 June 21:19, by Grubby (NL)
Sunday, 07 June 22:11
Grubby vs. NightEnD Game3
218 kB, Sunday, 07 June 22:11, by Zerter (NL)
Sunday, 07 June 20:14
RotterdaM/Grubby vs. NightEnD/Kramer Game1
133 kB, Sunday, 07 June 20:14, by Zerter (NL)
Sunday, 07 June 20:35
RotterdaM/Grubby vs. NightEnD/Kramer Game2
193 kB, Sunday, 07 June 20:35, by Zerter (NL)
Sunday, 07 June 21:01
RotterdaM/Grubby vs. NightEnD/Kramer Game3
244 kB, Sunday, 07 June 21:01, by Zerter (NL)
Sunday, 07 June 21:20
RotterdaM vs. Kramer Game1
83 kB, Sunday, 07 June 21:20, by Zerter (NL)
Sunday, 07 June 21:33
RotterdaM vs. Kramer Game2
85 kB, Sunday, 07 June 21:33, by Zerter (NL)
Sunday, 07 June 22:42
RotterdaM vs. NightEnD Game1
141 kB, Sunday, 07 June 22:42, by Zerter (NL)
Sunday, 07 June 23:20
RotterdaM vs. NightEnD Game2
133 kB, Sunday, 07 June 23:20, by Zerter (NL)
Sunday, 07 June 22:29
Round 1
165 kB, Sunday, 07 June 22:29, by fishlips (RO)
02/06/09 16:43
RO vs. NL
Hey everyone,

On thursday The Netherlands faces Romania in the 2009 season of the European Nations Championship. Romania has a strong national team suffering losses only vs. DeMusliM (1on1 and 2on2 with Shad) and Bulgarian Thrall (1on1) in the three wars it took to get from qualification round 1 to the main season.

Team Netherlands wants to take home the gold and so would like to start the season with a win. Both are realistic goals and also goals that will require a lot of hard work as our opponents share them, meaning that whoever works hardest will most likely succeed.

Anyway, as I fill the required quota of words neccesary for these statements, it is time to end it with a few words that basically sums it all up:

Good luck & have fun Romania, may the best team win.
03/06/09 14:48
Woohoo! Qualied for ENC
Salut fetelor,

After a close qualifier in wich we had to play 3 rounds we finally made it. Everyone knows Netherlands, and only former communist countries know us... but on the bright side the democracy in USA makes their 5% population of the world, have 25% of the worlds riches but produce 30% of the polution in the world so their system is faulty!

Back in Warcraft 3 land, the orange machine can't afford to fail against us because that means Spain and Sweden will probably go forth so if they would send us 200 euros on my paypal we can make it easy for them!

Jokes aside, we hope it will be an interesting cw and some nice games for people to watch!
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