Chris 'ChrisyB' Bullard  id: 1956997
Drink Summer Fruits
Food Pizza
Movie The Green Mile
Music Everything
Song R Kelly - U saved me
Book ...
Book author ......
Person Will Smith and Drogba
Actor / Actress Johnny Depp
Car (Mine) Fiesta 1.4
Sport Football
Athlete Use to do Shot Putt and Javelin
Team DIgnitas Fifa Player

Fifa 06

FIWC UK Online Qualifier (1st)
FIWC Xbox Live Grand Final (1st)
FIWC Grand Final (1st)
Xbox Cup UK Online Qualifier (1st)
Xbox Cup 2vs2 Grand Final (17th-32nd)
WCG UK (1st)
WCG Grand Final (17th-32nd)

FIfa 07

FIWC Grand Final (65th-128th)
SEC Grand Final (13th-16th)
Trugamerz PSP Challenge Cup (3rd)
Clanbase Eurocup Spring (17th-32nd)
Xleague.TV Invitaional (1st)
Xleague.TV Xbox Tournament (2nd)
Experience Lan (9th)
WCG UK (1st)
CGS UK Pre-Draft (1st)
CGS UK Championship (1st)
WCG Grand Final (9th-16th)
CGS Individual Finals (2nd)

Fifa 08

Xleague.TV Wii Tournament (3rd)
Xleague.TV PC Tournament (1st)
Xleague.TV Champions Tournament (1st)
SEC Grand FInals (10th)
FIWC UK Pre-Qualifier Arsenal (1st)
I33 (1st)
FIWC UK (1st)
EU/UK Combine (2nd)
FIWC Grand FInal (17th-32nd)

Team Events (London Mint)

CGS Uk Championship 2007 (1st)
CGS Grand FInals 2007 (5th-8th)