United Kingdom vs. Latvia
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 United Kingdom
Status: closed
MatchID 13278059
Date Wednesday, 22 April 21:00
Calculated Thursday, 23 April 11:55
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0 : 4 redmachine
0 : 4 shiddy
0 : 4 denkor
0 : 4 zuLa
0 : 4 nightmare65
Latvia wins !
UK 0 : 20 LV
Points 0 : +3

United Kingdom

22/04/09 07:59

This is our first match of the new ENC season.
Unfortunatelly, a lot of strong latvian players have already quit playing FIFA. But you will see a lot of new talents in our lineup who have already showed some great results! :)

There are some few very strong players in team Great Britain but I really hope on a positive result for team Latvia.

Good luck to both teams!

23/04/09 06:19

Default Win for Latvia!

United Kingdom
22/04/09 06:10
Opener for the UK
This match will be an unknown for me. With the quality of the lineup available for the UK we can hope for big things, however I know little about the Latvian team.
Our lack of workup as a team shouldnt effect us too much as all players have been actuve in other leagues.
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