Team Slovenia vs. Sweden
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 Team Slovenia
Status: closed
MatchID 13278057
Date Wednesday, 22 April 21:00
Calculated Thursday, 23 April 11:57
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Mido_1 4 : 0
Excalibrus 4 : 0
GoLGeTeR 4 : 0
Maestro 4 : 0
Jarcinho 4 : 0
Team Slovenia wins !
SLO 20 : 0 SE
Points +3 : 0


Team Slovenia


23/04/09 06:19

Default Win for Slovenia!

Statement - Slovenia
Hello everybody, we are very glad to participate in the ENC and may be against a strong opponent to be applies. Sweden is the third time at the ENC, and we recognize potential, as know we hope that will be a fair fight and see who is the better country. As for the first time we are, none of us can well appreciate. We will see who have the better sides, or should I say shoots the goals.
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