Germany vs. Spain
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MatchID 13278137
Date Wednesday, 03 June 20:00
Calculated Wednesday, 03 June 20:54
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1 Minor Penalty  for  Spain
    ( Statement too late )

2 Minor Penalty  for  Spain
    ( using a player that already played for a different nation )

Result Media
styla 4 : 0 Typhoon
Era 4 : 0 maximo12
hero 4 : 0 Drolaz
Marvinho 4 : 0 Kensuke
niLssoN 2 : 2 Wepepote
Germany wins !
GER 18 : 2 ES
Points +3 : 0



19/06/09 08:50

Germany vs Spain [18:02]
styla - Typhoon 1:0 5:2
Era - maximo12 2:0 3:1
hero - Drolaz 3:0* 3:0*
Marvinho - Kensuke 6:3 2:0
niLssoN - Wepepote 4:3 1:5

* Edit: Drolaz gets Default Losses because of breaking ENC rules knowingly.

03/06/09 12:07

02/06/09 13:56
Germany: get the flags out of your closets and onto your cars, as we are fighting to become Europes finest!

Some time has past now since we got defeated in the ENC finale last year by Poland and for the very first time in ENC history, we had to give the title away. However, not only the game has changed since then. In addition to the complete replacement of the old management, the team has been modified as well.
Right now, our team is a mixture of known, established and experienced players on the one hand and hungry, talented and highly motivated players on the other. Hence, the foundation stone for a successful season has been laid.

A successful season needs a successful start. Therefore the first team to beat will be Spain. In the beginning of this year, Spain even managed to defeat the current titleholders Poland. This should be all the information we need, to give Spain all the respect they deserve, and yet ensure the win that a successful start needs.

So we are going to try and get revenge for us losing the European Football Championship 2008 trophy and stop the current Spanish dominance, at least, on the virtual green. Be ready Spain!

Team Germany - Kämpfen und Siegen!
02/06/09 17:25
I guess nobody could choose a worse opponent to face in the first playday than Germany. A team which, in my opinion, is stronger than previous years. No much more can be said except for the fact we are prepared for whatever it comes.

Of course, Germany is the favourite, but i think Spain has also a stronger team than previous year, and we'll try to make things very difficult for them.

Good luck!

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27/05/09 05:01  #1
30.04.09? I guess we have to hurry up then :)

1 edits 
27/05/09 10:20  #2
Empezamos bien xD
27/05/09 10:43  #3
goes !
28/05/09 06:58  #4
good luck spain!
01/06/09 08:52  #5
gogogogogogo germanyyyyyy!
01/06/09 11:28  #6
like the final 2008
02/06/09 10:54  #7
Good luck Germany!
03/06/09 08:21  #8
germany !!!! niLssoN makes bad salzuflen happy :)
03/06/09 10:51  #9
03/06/09 11:21  #10
03/06/09 14:59  #11
gg spain, good luck for the remaining matches!

1 edits 
03/06/09 15:43  #12
gg germany
03/06/09 17:38  #13
Well done guys. :)
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