Germany vs. Portugal
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MatchID 13278149
Date Wednesday, 01 July 20:00
Calculated Thursday, 02 July 10:38
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1 Minor Penalty  for  Portugal
    ( Statement too late )

1 Minor Penalty  for  Germany
    ( Statement too late )

Result Media
styla 3 : 1 LENAMMMMM
Traudtinho 2 : 2 Tevezz
niLssoN 4 : 0 TiGeR
eNnu 2 : 2 Decopt
Marvinho 4 : 0 dr_jivagos
Germany wins !
GER 15 : 5 PT
Points +3 : 0

01/07/09 10:10

01/07/09 01:10
After being quite successful in our matches against russia and ukraine recently we are no going to meet Portugal on our final step of this mainround.

Due to our unlucky loss against Austria, we do have to take this last chance and come out on top of this match to save our second spot within our group. Unless Austria should fail in their match and we take the victory over Portugal, we will be going into relegation and meet one of the top teams of group A. So lets see where this journey can go.

Have fun Portugal and all the other teams!

Team Germany - Kämpfen und Siegen!
01/07/09 01:37
Statement Portugal
So we are going to play this match, with 2 protests still open and taken by Ukraine and Spain, therefore we have only confirmed 1 win and 1 loss so far against Russia and Austria. We know that we can beat the favorite Germany and make more three points, but we dont know and dont want that in the end if we take the win, once again our opponent take us to the protest because lag detect stuff, which for me is a sad and constant move against Portugal this season.

Apart of these bad things, i wish good luck and have fun.
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