Austria vs. Spain
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 6.  12.

Status: closed
MatchID 13278148
Date Wednesday, 24 June 20:00
Calculated Wednesday, 24 June 22:21
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Result Media
raYden 3 : 1 devyl
KategorieC 4 : 0 JoNNhY10
gimli 3 : 1 maximo12
n3co 3 : 1 Wepepote
mario 1 : 3 Typhoon
Austria wins !
AUT 14 : 6 ES
Points +3 : 0

24/06/09 13:03
22/06/09 13:25
After very close matches with many issues, we face our last opportunity to do something in this ENC edition. Our opponent is in a similar situation, and won't make things easy for us, but i guess it's time for us to show Europe we can do things properly.

Good luck
23/06/09 10:04
Statement Austria
Fourth match in the Main Round vs. Spain. Spain lost the last match in the Main Round vs. Portugal with 11:9. They have a good team with strong single players. The daily form and the luck will decide like always with FIFA09. Despite everything Austria starts as a favorite into this match.


Team Manager of Austria,
Martin "UserTheBest" Rausch
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