Germany vs. Russia
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MatchID 13278146
Date Wednesday, 24 June 20:00
Calculated Wednesday, 01 July 15:46
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KeWin 3 : 1 Kalinichenko
Era 4 : 0 pika
eNnu 2 : 2 Xaxotun
hero 4 : 0 Fanat1k
Kr0ne 4 : 0 slame
Germany wins !
GER 17 : 3 RUS
Points +3 : 0

24/06/09 13:03
23/06/09 11:14
After our not really satisfying match against Ukraine last Wednesday we are now heading over to meet Russia at the fourth play day.

The draw against Ukraine wasn't really scheduled, but especially in FIFA things like these can happen very quickly. However, when it should get close in the end we still have our match point difference lead we managed to work out against Spain, but this should be the last way to move on.

Actually, at this point we should know where the journey goes, however, since the outcome of two of our matches against Ukraine and Austria is still uncertain, we do not really know where we stand. Therefore we need to concentrate even more against Russia and get all remaining points to advance without any trouble.

So long, have fun Russia and all the other teams!

Team Germany - Kämpfen und Siegen
23/06/09 11:19
It's hard to think about our real rank in a table, while we have 3 protests after 3 games) And now we're going to take our 4th match versus Team Germany - the most honored team in this tournament. Our players train hard to his match, and realize that they must win it to move our team to top of group.

Good luck to both teams.
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