Austria vs. Russia
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Status: closed
MatchID 13278145
Date Wednesday, 17 June 20:00
Calculated Friday, 26 June 14:06
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1 Minor Penalty  for  Russia
    ( Statement too late )

Result Media
mario 4 : 0 Kalinichenko
n3co 4 : 0 pika
gimli 3 : 1 slame
KategorieC 4 : 0 Fanat1k
raYden 3 : 1 Xaxotun
Austria wins !
AUT 18 : 2 RUS
Points +3 : 0

17/06/09 12:45
16/06/09 12:08
Statement Austria
Let’s get ready to rumble to the third round,

after our first win against Portugal, and our second game against Germany "Status Protest", we want to win the next Match against Russia.
Now we can only wait which team have the better connection and have lesser lags :)
I wish our opponents good luck, that the better team (i think we :) ) will win the game!

Team Manager of Austria,
Martin "UserTheBest" Rausch
16/06/09 16:22
Statement Russia
Match vs Portugal is delayed for unknown time so our second match in this season will be against Austria.

We prepare for hard opposition and different net surprises.

Our main aim is to lead the group so we'll do our best to take 3 points.

Good luck to both teams and let it be fair play.
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