Germany vs. Ukraine
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MatchID 13278143
Date Wednesday, 17 June 20:00
Calculated Thursday, 02 July 09:18
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Traudtinho 3 : 1 Yozhyk
styla 4 : 0 BlooD
Era 3 : 1 Walkman
Kr0ne 3 : 1 Manyna
KeWin 3 : 1 FaNjkEEE
Germany wins !
GER 16 : 4 UA
Points +3 : 0

17/06/09 12:43
16/06/09 12:22
The third play day and another tough opponent is waiting for us. But this surely wont be the last tough team we have to face in our group, since there is actually no weak team in it.

The situation looks pretty good for us right now. We completed two matches successfully even though the last words hasn't been spoken yet in our match against Austria. But to stay on course towards the finals, we have to keep the ball rolling and come out on top of this match.
However, Ukraine will make our life not easy as this is most likely the last chance for them to fly over to germany for the finals. But you have to go through those difficulties when you want to crowned the ENC champion and this is what we gonna try to do.

Have fun Ukraine!

Team Germany - Kämpfen und Siegen!
16/06/09 10:02
Third round in ENC and it's equator. For us situation is not good for now. After two rounds, we didn't win any game. This time we will play against Team Germany - favourite of our group. I don't know how is important this match for our opponents, but for us, if we will lose now then we must forget about good place in group. In general, tomorrow we should put a maximum of efforts and concentration if we wish to keep chances to continue struggle. I will not tell it to players of my team, they understand all. We need just a win. Come on guys, let's do it.

I wish good luck & have fun for both teams!
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