Germany vs. Austria
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Date Wednesday, 10 June 20:00
Calculated Wednesday, 10 June 22:56
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niLssoN 3 : 1 KategorieC
Era 0 : 4 n3co
Kr0ne 2 : 2 raYden
Marvinho 1 : 3 gimli
eNnu 3 : 1 mario
Austria wins !
GER 9 : 11 AUT
Points 0 : +3

09/06/09 07:19

09/06/09 13:14
After quite a successful kickoff into this years European Nations Championship last week, we are now heading over to our second match against Austria.

Even though we are the favourite for a lot of people in this match, Austria shouldn't be underestimated as they already proofed themselves strong this season. All of their players are participating in the german ESL Pro Series as well and so they are used to the pressure and play level of a topnotch fifa league.

In contrast to our lovely opponents we prefer writing history instead of reading it and that is what we gonna try to do tomorrow.

Have fun Austria and all the other national teams!

Team Germany - Kämpfen und Siegen!
09/06/09 08:07
Playday 2 - Remix of Cordoba(?)!
Tomorrow, we are gonna see the old brotherclash between Germany and Austria. Well I'd be a liar if I wrote about our "strongest" Lineup or we train 24/7 etc. So what else can I write about us now?
Well, of course our opponent got the better individual players and if there were any odds, then most players would bet that Germany will win.
SO, most of you probably think they will win easily, but we don't care about any statistics or whatever other logical reasons you might come up with. They don't include exceptions! Even if we may not seem like the best team, we got teamspirit, passion AND we got what it takes to fight! We WILL WIN or lose as A-Team!

I hope we will see an exciting, fair and good Match, so gl and hf to everybody!

28/06/09 07:24
Germany vs Austria [09:11]
niLssoN - KategorieC 2:2 3:0
Era - n3co 3:4 1:2
Kr0ne - raYden 2:3 3:0
Marvinho - gimli 2:2 1:3
eNnu - mario 2:1 1:1
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