Romania vs. Belgium
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MatchID 13278127
Date Sunday, 14/06/09 12:00
Calculated 02/07/09 07:18
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1 Minor Penalty  for  Romania
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Result Media
LethaL 2 : 2 tehAcKk1e
Bigdaddy 4 : 0 Ludo7
BeBe 0 : 4 Bryan
unuinplus 2 : 2 mrgeenensz
NiGhT 4 : 0 Pxl.
Romania wins !
ROU 12 : 8 .be
Points +3 : 0
14/06/09 16:04
1inplush LDT
512 kB, 14/06/09 16:04, by 1130123 (ROU)
14/06/09 16:03
bigdaddy LDT
453 kB, 14/06/09 16:03, by 1130123 (ROU)
14/06/09 16:04
lethal LDT
747 kB, 14/06/09 16:04, by 1130123 (ROU)
14/06/09 16:05
night LDT
477 kB, 14/06/09 16:05, by 1130123 (ROU)
14/06/09 07:29
Second match in our group, vs the strong team of Belgium. It will be a very hard match, but we hope in a good result.

GL HF all
12/06/09 07:46
Hi everybody

I start this statement with the fact that we lost our first war against Hungary. We were maybe a little bit too motivated and Hungary has put us back in reality.

Our second war is against Romania. Nobody has to tell us that they are one of the strongest teams in the world.
With ovvy, the best player in the fifa scene and Bebe, world cyber champion 08 they have the best stats to win this enc.
Or not, they has also weakness in their team, they lost against Poland, Bebe and Ovvy prooved their skills but the other players arent at the level that we thought.

Next sunday will be very hard again but we try again to have a good war with good results.

Gl and hf to Romania

comments (18)
Belgium FTW
gogo :D
i shall kill ovvy
shall you?
Go Romania , we can do it !
go tB.
pp's for romania for no statement :D
it must be uploaded 24hours before the war and that already past now
go belgium !
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gg roemenia
gl futher
protest ftw,
10-10 gg all.
11-9 gg++ALL!
11-9 gg++ALL! funny the admin got what he wants now a win for romania gg ++ enc admins
enc sucks lolol
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