Romania vs. Serbia
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Date Tuesday, 19 May 20:00
Calculated Tuesday, 19 May 21:18
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Romania wins !
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Tuesday, 19 May 22:11
276 kB, Tuesday, 19 May 22:11, by 2458316 (RO)



15/05/09 10:24
Romania vs Serbia
We are aware that Romania has around 15 top players, and that their national team is really strong with mix of next/teg players, but we are pretty confident in ourselves after mass practice, and we are looking for revenge after Romania was the team that stood on our way on MYM Prime Nations II. Gl, hf and may the best team win.
18/05/09 05:23
Romania vs. Serbia
We salute our fellow neighbours and also adversaries with fairness and respect as we stand in the last qualifying round before the groups. It doesn't matter if the first match we play in ENC is an elimination one, we will give our best in order to reach upper hills and prove our potential. We are expecting a good match from Serbia and most definitely it will be a struggle until the end.

May the best team win!
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