Denmark vs. Romania
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MatchID 13277991
Date Thursday, 04 June 20:00
Calculated Thursday, 04 June 21:57
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1Major Penalty  for  Romania
    ( 2.21 no-show )

1 Minor Penalty  for  Romania
    ( 2.21 no-show )

1Major Penalty  for  Denmark
    ( 2.21 no-show )

1 Minor Penalty  for  Denmark
    ( 2.21 no-show )

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0 : 1
Romania wins !
Points 0 : +3
Thursday, 04 June 21:16
Denmark vs. Romania 0-1 Screen
582 kB, Thursday, 04 June 21:16, by 2806407 (RO)
Thursday, 04 June 21:00
Denmark vs. Romania 0-1
753 kB, Thursday, 04 June 21:00, by 2806407 (RO)
01/06/09 12:14
Denmark vs Romania
For our first official match of the ENC we are meeting an old foe in Romania. Despite a change of players, the playstyle is probably close to that of neXt! and TeG, which should hold promise of an interesting match.

Due to the limitation of only 3 players pr. team we aren't using the initial lineup that was meant for Denmark, but we have found some quality players to fill the gaps around the existing players.

Best of fun to Romania.
31/05/09 19:10
Denmark vs. Romania
So the group matches finally begin. We're facing none other than Denmark, probably no. 1 but most surely the favorite, yet we have no fear whatsoever. We know our strength, we know our adversaries strength and we say most definitely it will be a hell of a match. We wish our opponents good luck.

Let's give the audience a match they'll never forget!
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