Germany vs. Poland
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MatchID 13277988
Date Thursday, 02 July 21:00
Calculated Thursday, 02 July 22:00
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1 : 0
Germany wins !
Points +3 : 0
Thursday, 02 July 22:12
Round 1
158 kB, Thursday, 02 July 22:12, by 1916743 (DE)
Thursday, 02 July 22:00
Round 1
733 kB, Thursday, 02 July 22:00, by Jupe



01/07/09 12:59
German statement
This upcoming match will be very important for us. If we win - we still have great chances to reach the playoffs. If we lose we are out.

To sum it up: This is a must win for us! Still we want Poland to play at their best level. We do not underestimate them and I actually thought they would do a bit better in the beginning of the tournament.

We changed our line up a bit, adding the Kingsurf-player KuroKy, who will play against Poland. Our captain eQuiNOX is on a festival this week, so unfortunately he cannot play.

Good luck & have fun to Poland and everyone who will be watching us :)
30/06/09 13:56
Polish statement
Facing the strongest, in my opinion, team in this tournament will be a really tough challenge for us - the Polish. Still we don't give up and try our best against Germany in the last match of the ENC.
Have a nice game peeps.
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