Croatia vs. Slovakia
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MatchID 13277987
Date Thursday, 25 June 20:00
Calculated Thursday, 25 June 21:39
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0 : 1
Slovakia wins !
Points 0 : +3
Thursday, 25 June 21:39
Round 1
957 kB, Thursday, 25 June 21:39, by Jupe



19/06/09 07:35
Cro vs Svk
Hi all!
In this match we go for win and only win. We wanna proceed from this group and our goal can be fulfilled only by win. We wish our opponent good luck and hope for loads of fun and action.
23/06/09 06:14
Statement Croatia
Hello folks!

After losing three matches in a row we are not anymore able to reach the play-offs. The match versus Ukraine was our last chance, but we lost versus them and the season is now over for us. Nevertheless there are two matches left, in our next match we have to face Slovakia. Slovaki is going to be a very difficult opponent, they showed their skill in the last matches beating Germany and Poland. With a little bit luck maybe we can win this match.
gl and hf!
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