Germany vs. Ukraine - Dota
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 Ukraine - Dota
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MatchID 13277985
Date Thursday, 25 June 20:30
Calculated Thursday, 25 June 21:38
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0 : 1
Ukraine - Dota wins !
Points 0 : +3
Thursday, 25 June 21:50
Round 1
150 kB, Thursday, 25 June 21:50, by 1916743 (DE)
Thursday, 25 June 21:29
Round 1
759 kB, Thursday, 25 June 21:29, by v1lat (UA)


Ukraine - Dota

23/06/09 19:29
Germany Pre-game Statement
I share the opinion of the majority: Ukraine is the strongest opponent in this group. They won everything and got a really tough lineup.

After our performance against Russia I'm quite optimistic that we can beat Ukraine. Let's hope for an exciting match!
Ukraine - Dota
21/06/09 20:16
Ukraine Pre-game statement
ANother really important match at ENC/
Now we will face Germany - the biggest favrite in our group.
Of course they've lost 1 game allready, but it doesn't make them weaker.
Last game Russia-Germany showed this.

We have 3 wins, and this, 4th win will give us opportunity to make our chanses for final TOP-1 much more bigger.

See u in game, and listen to mine shoutcast at and of course at

Ukraine FTW!
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