Croatia vs. Ukraine - Dota
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 Ukraine - Dota
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Date Thursday, 18 June 20:00
Calculated Thursday, 18 June 20:57
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0 : 1
Ukraine - Dota wins !
Points 0 : +3
Thursday, 18 June 20:56
Round 1
556 kB, Thursday, 18 June 20:56, by v1lat (UA)
Thursday, 18 June 20:59
Round 1
559 kB, Thursday, 18 June 20:59, by Jupe


Ukraine - Dota

Ukraine - Dota
18/06/09 05:46
Pre-game Statement Ukraine
Here comes 3rd match at ENC.
This time Croatia. Great team with Tito as a leader. We won 2 first games in our group, croatian guys lost two games, so you everybody are sure that team Croatia is underdog in todays game.
I don't think so...
If we win - we'll sure have 3rd place and spot in play-offs, but 3rd place will be not enough for Ukraine - only the 1st. Thats why our guys will show everything they can tonight.
Travka's debut in ENC had to be really interesting, with help of expireinced Dendi and DkPhobos for DTS and great players Amsi and Volchina from team - we are real power!
Stay tuned to Garena TV, and listen my shoutcast tonight at !
Gl and see you at 18-00 CET on radio..Will be great show
12/06/09 10:44
Statement Croatia
Hello folks!

After a big debacle with our second lineup against Germany we hope for our first 3 points against Ukraine. Ukraine on the top of our group a with 6 points from two matches managed to beat Poland and Russia.
Our third opponent in this group stage is a very strong one, having a very big dota scene and a lot of great players like Jacob, Marian or Yrk. In my opinion it is going to be a very interesting match and with a little bit luck maybe we can reach a positive result.

We wish them a lot of fun :=)

18/06/09 14:19
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