Poland vs. Ukraine - Dota
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 Ukraine - Dota
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Date Thursday, 11 June 20:00
Calculated Thursday, 11 June 21:44
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Ukraine - Dota wins !
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Thursday, 11 June 21:42
Round 1
877 kB, Thursday, 11 June 21:42, by v1lat (UA)


Ukraine - Dota

09/06/09 08:45
Poland Statement

Second match in Main round ENC will be realy hard. Our neightbours, and Partners with we together make Euro 2012 change to really strong oponent in this competition. Lineup our friends is truely dangerous, and it won`t be easy to defeat it. One we can tell for sure, result this match is unclear, but it will be stout and hard match for both.

Good Luck, and Have Fun! Hope all viewers will be enjoi!
Ukraine - Dota
11/06/09 15:21
Ukraine - Poland
2nd game at ENC!
First was really good for us, now we need to win to be a real pretendent for top-places.
We're playing against out good friends - Poland, will be hard, ofc it is good for us that they are playing without Darky and have some problems with teams, but national team - is national team..
So, guys, will be really interesting.
Powodzenia Polacy!

Polska-Ukraine 2012 FTW!
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