Germany vs. Croatia
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Date Thursday, 11 June 20:00
Calculated Friday, 12 June 13:55
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Germany wins !
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Friday, 12 June 15:59
Round 1
308 kB, Friday, 12 June 15:59, by hexOr (DE)
Friday, 12 June 02:18
203 kB, Friday, 12 June 02:18, by 793780 (DE)



05/06/09 12:52
Statement Croatia
Hello folks!

In our first match versus Poland we had a big chance to take 3 points home, but unlucky we lost the match. In our next match we have to face the German team.
Germany lost in their first match,too. But everyone knows that Germany can always be a difficult opponent.
I watched their match versus Slovakia live on ESLTV and this was not the real German team. I think they can play really better it they want, maybe we will see a new German team against us, but nevertheless we will try everything to get our first points.

gl and hf !
08/06/09 06:36
Statement Germany
Hey dudes,

after our totally fail match against Slovakia we've decided to change our rooster a little bit. Too much... let us call it "divas" aren't good for the teamspirit and teamplay of course! At first we've added Fire, former mouz and 4K player, who is a very talented player and in my opinion one of the best Germans with individual skills! The other addition is aHCoS. He is the guy with the experience.. don't know how long he's in the dota scene... but he is oldschool!

I promise the fans that we doesn't repeat a game like the Slovakia match.. We thought in beginning that the Main Round is easy going.. that was totally the wrong way. From now on we're going really well prepared in every match thus we doesn't lose so much points!

Sorry Croatia but this match is a MUST win!

Cheers ö/
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