Poland vs. Croatia
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MatchID 13277977
Date Thursday, 04 June 20:00
Calculated Thursday, 04 June 21:21
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1 : 0
Poland wins !
Points +3 : 0
Thursday, 04 June 22:24
Round 1
176 kB, Thursday, 04 June 22:24, by 2001172 (PL)
Thursday, 04 June 21:22
Round 1
1023 kB, Thursday, 04 June 21:22, by 2001172 (PL)



31/05/09 18:33
Poland Statement
After win with Slovenia it`s time to main round matches. First match in groupstage we will be played with Croatia whos got a huge potential. It is very important match at start, and we hope our National Team make them best. Hope you enjoy! Good Luck for everyone!
28/05/09 08:40
Statement Croatia
Hello folks!

After winning in the first and in the second qualification round we reached our main target, the main round.

In the main round we have to face big countries like Germany and so on to reach the finals, but our first opponent is going to be Poland, Poland with their two big clans Low HP Gaming and UF Gaming with a lot of EMS experienced players like "the.cup.of.tea." or "Marian" are going to be a very nasty opponent. After all we showed in the last matches that we are able to play versus big players and I think this match is going to be a very close one.

May the best team win! gl and hf
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