Turkey vs. Ireland
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 2.  8.

Status: closed
MatchID 13298422
Date Sunday, 26 April 19:30
Calculated Monday, 27 April 01:17
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1 Minor Penalty  for  Turkey
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Result Media
de_inferno 16 : 7
de_dust2 16 : 14
Turkey wins !
Points +3 : 0
Sunday, 26 April 21:00
Screen - Round 1
864 kB, Sunday, 26 April 21:00, by Silencer
Sunday, 26 April 21:00
Screen - Round 2
934 kB, Sunday, 26 April 21:00, by Silencer
Sunday, 26 April 21:00
Screen - Round 3
828 kB, Sunday, 26 April 21:00, by Silencer
Sunday, 26 April 21:00
Screen - Round 4
787 kB, Sunday, 26 April 21:00, by Silencer
Sunday, 26 April 20:58
Screen - Status
517 kB, Sunday, 26 April 20:58, by Silencer
Sunday, 26 April 21:00
3.7 MB, Sunday, 26 April 21:00, by 2099682 (TR)
Sunday, 26 April 20:58
aeq. - turkey - CHEFiNATOR
1.5 MB, Sunday, 26 April 20:58, by 3052094 (TR)
Sunday, 26 April 20:57
Aeq. - turkey - meTro
2.9 MB, Sunday, 26 April 20:57, by 1498171 (TR)
Sunday, 26 April 21:00
Aeq. -turkey - slapshot
2.3 MB, Sunday, 26 April 21:00, by 2725432 (TR)
Sunday, 26 April 20:59
Aeq. - turkey - umbRa
7.2 MB, Sunday, 26 April 20:59, by umbRa (TR)
Sunday, 26 April 21:20
cauzed - IRE - aeq
2.0 MB, Sunday, 26 April 21:20, by cAUzEd (Ireland)
Sunday, 26 April 21:44
Round 1
973 kB, Sunday, 26 April 21:44, by 3035755 (Ireland)
Sunday, 26 April 22:43
TVDemo - dust2
11.1 MB, Sunday, 26 April 22:43, by umbRa (TR)
Sunday, 26 April 22:40
TVDemo - inferno
12.8 MB, Sunday, 26 April 22:40, by umbRa (TR)



26/04/09 15:34
After match statement
Was an exciting match, thanks to Team Ireland and wish them good luck next year.

4 players from the lineup did know each other very well so we did not have much difficulties getting our team play. In de_inferno, which is one map that we think we are good at playing, we were pretty successful at defending and that helped as secure the map.

In de_dust2, which was Ireland's map, although we did not start with our best play, we did a nice comeback to 10-5 on T side, however, Ireland played very well on their T side. At the end we managed to win on the last round.

In total, it was an exciting match to us, hopefully it was good for spectators too. This was more like a summary, but anyways, thanks to Ireland again and good luck in the next season!

26/04/09 08:16
Map choice
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There will be a matchadmin at the match, query "dartdiddl" or "r99t" when you agreed on a server in #enc.teams.css with the IP and rcon_password. We take care of the Source-TV and write the IP in a report in the match.





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20/04/09 05:30
Match on hold
This match is currently on hold. A match protest in the previous match of Lithuania versus Ireland resulted in that match having to be replayed either on Tuesday or Wednesday.

21/04/09 16:07
Pre-Match Statement
This year we are taking off from where the last year’s team left off, QR2.

As many might have noticed, there are a lot of changes in this year’s team. The new team consists of players from the local Turkish scene, as well as ones that live abroad. We tried to invite players that have already proved themselves, playing in well-known teams and competing in several top competitions. Therefore, we can ensure that most of the players in the team have serious backgrounds and notable achievements, online or offline.

This year’s Clanbase NC has been a good practice for us, where we had some tough competition and close games. We learned from our mistakes and our ENC roster is better than the one on CB. Even though we can’t say that we are fully prepared for this match, we are going to be a confident and motivated side.

We are aware that people have high expectations from the team and we are going to give all we got to reach there. We’re capable of doing really anything when we’re on our day and we expect ourselves to perform pretty well in this game as well. Hoping for a decent match, good luck and may the better team win!
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