Spain vs. Team Russia - Call of Duty 4
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 2.  8.

 Team Russia - Call of Duty 4
Status: closed
MatchID 13297266
Date Tuesday, 19 May 21:00
Calculated Thursday, 21 May 01:07
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Result Media
mp_backlot 13 : 4
mp_strike 13 : 4
Spain wins !
Points +3 : 0
Wednesday, 20 May 18:20
484 kB, Wednesday, 20 May 18:20, by BroN (ES)
Wednesday, 20 May 18:20
355 kB, Wednesday, 20 May 18:20, by BroN (ES)
Tuesday, 19 May 22:06
Aequitas vultuRRR
5.9 MB, Tuesday, 19 May 22:06, by 2417375 (ES)
Tuesday, 19 May 22:07
3.0 MB, Tuesday, 19 May 22:07, by ermAt (ES)
Tuesday, 19 May 22:07
aeq kain
2.5 MB, Tuesday, 19 May 22:07, by 2267152 (ES)
Tuesday, 19 May 22:07
4.3 MB, Tuesday, 19 May 22:07, by BroN (ES)
Tuesday, 19 May 22:06
2.9 MB, Tuesday, 19 May 22:06, by Celebeth (ES)


Team Russia - Call of Duty 4

19/05/09 13:26
Finally we are ready to play our first and most important match to get qualify for the ENC groupstage.

Rusia will be a good opponent, hope to have a nice match and to get the final win.

Anyway, You can't stop the Spanish Powerhouse!
Statement from Team Russia
Hello everyone!

Today we are waiting for the first qualification match on the ESL ENC 2009 CoD4. We have a very important opponent, but we get used to face strong enemies. Flags of Russia and Spain will overlap each other once again. We had a serious problem with line-up - in-game leader was banned, but we believe in our victory! Good luck to Spain, let the strongest win today!
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comments (20)
go go Russia <3
Spain Power!!!! Gele Chicos!!
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You are going to be p1p3d! :D
Gl Spain
samu gay ^^
gogo russia ;)
Please check your mails for the irc-channel where we arrange the server etc.
my email account is empty :`( no one message about irc or something else from ESL except QR3 Rules Update.
I am aRsha vin!

Arsenal TEAM! next BARÇA!!
Dear participants of the match "Hungary vs. Belarus"


best regards,
bOamiii, ESL admin

This email?
IRC Channel not work!!
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GG Russia!!
gg Rusia.

Spain 13 - 4 Rusia // mp_backlot
Spain 13 - 4 Rusia // mp_strike
RuSSia pls !
gg Spain
прям как в футболе 3-0!
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