Spain vs. Germany
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MatchID 13297254
Date Monday, 29 June 21:30
Calculated Monday, 29 June 21:30
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1 Minor Penalty  for  Spain
    ( No-show (no wildcard remaining) )

2Major Penalty  for  Spain
    ( No-show (no wildcard remaining) )

Result Media
crash :
Monday, 29 June 22:16
Noshow Hlsw
170 kB, Monday, 29 June 22:16, by HornYz (DE)
Monday, 29 June 22:17
Screen - Status
256 kB, Monday, 29 June 22:17, by HornYz (DE)



22/06/09 05:47
Prematch Statement
Hello Spain,
In our last groupstage match we are playing vs Spain.
Some of their players are very familiar to us as they already played the former COD Series in Top Teams.
As always we will take this match very serious and I hope that there is enough time for training with the ENC Team, as the German EPS is over.
In some ways the Spanish and the Germans are connected very closesly as we are sharing "spanish soil" and the Germans start claiming Mallorca belongs to Germany and will be the 17th Bundesland.

Looking forward to this match.
Winning this match for us will be very important to guarantee us the First Place in the Groupstage.

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comments (16)
GO Spain!!!!!!
schland machts!
schland klärt!
schland regelt!!
lol dat wird nen trauerpiel für spanien :D
kein vid stream?
wann kommen uploads`? =)=)=)=) will demo smithz pls =)))))))))))))
spain is nich gekomm^^
Und, wie gehts weiter?

Defwin oder wird das Match verschoben?
defwin für GER normal. aber wir hätten eh gewonnen :D
wieivele teams spielen jetzt noch?oder kommmen einfach alle nichmehr?
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