Denmark vs. Ukraine
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Status: closed
MatchID 9581276
Date Monday, 16 June 19:00
Calculated Monday, 16 June 21:41
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1on1:  Terenas Stand, <tba><tba>
<unknown> 1 : 2 <unknown>
1on1:  Lost Temple(ROC), Map 2 forfeited<tba>
<unknown> 0 : 2 <unknown>
1on1:  Turtle Rock, Echo Isles, Lost Temple(ROC)
<unknown> 1 : 2 <unknown>
1on1:  Gnoll Wood, Echo Isles, Twisted Meadows
<unknown> 2 : 1 <unknown>
2on2:  Turtle Rock, Twisted Meadows<tba>
<unknown> 2 : 0 <unknown>
Ukraine wins !
DEN 2 : 3 UKR
Points +2 : +3
14/06/08 07:49
5th step to the win
Tomorrow we will have a very hard match, because we need to win our opponents with score 5-0, because Germany had won them so. And every member will fight for honor of their Motherland and try to show best. It will great match! Gl and HF to our opponents and a victory for us! We need it!
15/06/08 10:57
Uphill battle
After our loss vs. France we have an uphill battle fighting for the 3rd position in our group, which will give us a chance to qualify for the finals. We are now 1 point behind France, so we will have to fight for every point to hopefully be able to equalize the scores.
On the other hand, Ukraine will have to fight for every point aswell, to try to get the upper hand on Germany in the fight for the first spot. Ukraine has some starplayers like HoT and FiX, and a really stable lineup overall, so the match will be very hard, but we will fight prepared. Have fun Ukraine!
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