Belgium vs. Sweden
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MatchID 9146772
Date Sunday, 06 April 20:00
Calculated Monday, 07 April 01:08
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<unknown> 4 : 0 <unknown>
<unknown> 2 : 2 <unknown>
<unknown> 0 : 4 <unknown>
<unknown> 2 : 2 <unknown>
<unknown> 4 : 0 <unknown>
Belgium wins !
.be 12 : 8 SE
Points +3 : 0

15/04/08 06:33
Belgium gets default win

06/04/08 09:06

07/04/08 07:50
Belgium vs. Sweden [05:15]
geenens - Drolaz 0:3 0:3
ackie - SoSo 2:3 3:0
putamti - Kabe 1:4 1:6
lastabelge - JES 3:0 1:2
buyser - biq 0:2 1:1
27/03/08 06:26
Statement vs Belgium
Next step - Qualification Round 2. Last year Ukraine stopped us in QR2 so this year we want to qualify for QR3 and maybe for the main round. This will be very hard but nothing is impossible. First of all we have to concentrate on our next opponent: Belgium. I just know SWEET AcKKiE (:D) and mrgeenensz and don't know if they are that strong like last season. I think we have good chances to win this match after defeating United Kingdom by default win. We have good players in our rows, for example SoSo and JES, who are quite strong. In my opinion this will be a close match with better ending for us.

Good Luck and Fair Play !
31/03/08 03:57
First match in the ENC after a good CN. Sweden is a oppenent with unknow players. I know SoSo and JES. the know ony Two players of us geenens and Ackkie but i think bolt the know to and maybe buyser. I hope we win. I want a year like 2006. GL sweden GL my team GL teams in NATIONCUP.
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