Germany vs. Switzerland
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Date Sunday, 11 May 21:00
Calculated Sunday, 11 May 22:23
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<unknown> 3 : 1 <unknown>
<unknown> 1 : 3 <unknown>
<unknown> 3 : 1 <unknown>
<unknown> 3 : 1 <unknown>
<unknown> 3 : 1 <unknown>
Germany wins !
DE 13 : 7 CH
Points +3 : 0
11/05/08 19:19
Germany vs Switzerland [13:07]
09/05/08 14:37
Prematch Statement
After a little delay (just 7 days ;) ) we are now ready to play.
In our first match we already have to play against the unbeaten champion Germany. But this season it seems that the German team isn't as good as it was in other seasons. But maybe it's just a wish of every opponent, because Germany was dominating every season until now.
We go very motivated into this match, because there's always a special relationship between the Swiss and Germans in football games aswell as in FIFA games too. And what could be better than playing on Mother's Day. So we hope to give our mothers a nice gift by beating Germany and getting our first points in a mainround since 2006.
We hope for an interesting match with many fans and finally the better end for us.
There's just one thing left to say: HF GL :D
10/05/08 05:53
Prematch Statement
ENC Kick-off this year for Team-Germany, finaly!
Some will say the actual team is not as good as in the years before, but that is the same talking like every year before, and everytime we proved it wrong.
We are very optimistic to qualify for the offline finals in Leipzig this year again, and go for the title once more!
While we are sure all of our opponents will give 120% every time they have to face us, we are ready to counter the challenge with our experience, skill and teamwork!
May the better team win!
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