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Registered since 26/08/11
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Headquarters  Spain
Area/Region España
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IRC #team-decerto  (QuakeNet)
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Latest matches
  Day of Defeat: Source 6on6 League Autumn 2011 Premier playoff
loss   Peculiar Gaming.DoD:S  0 Sunday, 08/01/12 14:00 7
loss   mTxServ !  0 Sunday, 11/12/11 14:00 10
  Day of Defeat: Source 6on6 League Autumn 2011 Groupstage
wins  + 3 Sunday, 27/11/11 14:00 3
wins   clutchmasterz.dods  + 3 Sunday, 20/11/11 14:00 7
wins   all4nothing  + 3 Sunday, 13/11/11 14:00 5
wins   Peculiar Gaming.DoD:S  + 3 Sunday, 06/11/11 14:00 7
loss   zeroPoint.dods  0 Sunday, 30/10/11 16:00 12
  Day of Defeat: Source 6on6 Autumn QualiCup #3
wins   Druidz.dods  + 2 Tuesday, 18/10/11 15:10 5
loss   all4nothing  0 Tuesday, 18/10/11 14:00 5
wins   DraKon  + 2 Sunday, 16/10/11 15:10 4
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