Fortress Club vs. Die Doppelnullen
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 Fortress Club
 Die Doppelnullen
Status: closed
MatchID 7943804
Date Sunday, 04/11/07 15:00
Calculated 04/11/07 16:11
map ctf_2fort
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0 : 1
Die Doppelnullen wins !
Fortress Club
04/11/07 11:24

Good luck for tonight, may the best team wins.
Die Doppelnullen
04/11/07 09:40

Das ganze Team freut sich auf das Match heute Abend gegen Fortress Club. Die Map 2fort liegt uns eigentlich nicht so aber wir werden alles geben :D
Wir wünschen uns ein schönes und Faires Spiel welches nicht auf 0-0 mit anschließend well und Goldencap endet. Wir haben uns ein par Sachen für 2fort einfallen lassen, wollen wir hoffen das es klappt. Mögen die besseren gewinnen :P

/Die Doppelnullen
After the match
Gg Fortress Club,
zum Spiel an sich ist nicht soviel zusagen wir hatten einen schnellen Erfolg und konnten mit 1-0 in Führung gehen das konnten wir dann bis zum Schluss souverän verteidigen. Zu Beginn haben wir schon mit einem 0-0 gerechnet als wir in die gegnerische 5er deff gerannt sind. Wir konnten sie dann aber recht gut durchbrechen. Es war ein gutes und faires Spiel bis zum Schluss spannend. Wir freuen uns nun schon auf das Finale und wer weis, alles is möglich.
/ Die Doppelnullen
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2fort ;/
Our player Antr4ks played in this Cup in another Team, so we have to ask, if he is allowed to play in this match.
Hi 00. Antr4ks can play with you if he wants, we have no problem with that. When do you want to play ? Sunday evening is fine for us.
thx gl hf
source tv ? :D pw: pcw
ip vom source tv ?

najo lanweiliges game... 5def 1 off von fortress club...
please speak english if you say things about us, that would be great.
he just said, that the match was boring cause you only was in defense :)
Was not the match boring also when you all go offence when one of our player timed out? :)
All=3 Player, like the other goes.
If you´re playing fulldef - 2 of us dropped and there have been no cap :<
unlucky ;)
i think you wanted to play to 0:0 and try to defeat us @ well
and we only attacked with 3 :P
As the final score shows, the game was very defensive. More on our side at the beginning as we waited for our only off (spy) to take their intelligence to launch a great wave of offense. This was our initial strategy, launching some waves of offense at a signal but it proved to be impossible for our spy to approach their intelligence as they had a HW / Medic in their flag room. Our initial strat flopped and we were starting to feel uneasy as they sent more and more off.

Unfortunatly my HL2 crashed in the middle of the game and they scored during my absence (of about 2 min 30). Sh*t happens. Then it was their turn to become very defensive by using 5 def and 1 spy in off, 2 HWs FR with a ubercharging medic, a soldier, etc. We managed to bring their intelligence to the top spiral once but our scout was ultimatly stopped by their soldier.

Time runned out. 0-1. Good game 00.
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their heavy!
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