sigh6 vs. Fortress Club
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 Fortress Club
Status: closed
MatchID 7943801
Date Thursday, 01/11/07 15:00
Calculated 01/11/07 17:56
map cp_dustbowl
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2 : 3
Fortress Club wins !
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fuck this shitty map :<<< but anyway gl jobola

froggies will dominate the wolrd !
better than gravelpit :)
Thanks, good luck to you also.
gl Fc get the win !
hmmm cp_dustbowl

any chance to see the match on SourceTV ?
vittu vittu... perkele
our server is pw: esl
There's an HLTV source on our server, but, is it good idea to open it ?
gg, you have been better in Dustbowl really
but in Well we had got the luck of the Golden cap (shitty rules :/
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gg Tj team.
One of the harder match we have in ESL cup.
TJ :(
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