Pain is Coming Rip vs. Fortress Club
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 Pain is Coming Rip
 Fortress Club
Status: closed
MatchID 7943795
Date Monday, 29/10/07 15:00
Calculated 29/10/07 17:35
map cp_gravelpit
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0 : 3
Fortress Club wins !
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gl Pic :)
GL !
hf gl
Monday 9:00 Pm ?

#Fortressclub on Quakenet
Go bAdsign ! :p
lol i dont play ^^
gl !
gl hf ;)
Can the barred player play?

21pm is still fine for us
It's ok for 21Pm tonight, and it's ok for Syko.
GL !
thx ;)
gg n1 game
GG guys, you only learn by your mistakes they say ;).
Fortress Club please upload the demos from the engineers ! in the second round !
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I don't think we can upload any media until the result is confirmed, is that correct ?
i think you can upload media yet !!
yeah, just did so. unfortunatly we cant accept cause manager is not online. for some reason im missing this right.
What's the problem, why do you need demo ?
i learn about youre gameplay ! upload please !
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there is no problem, except you dont have demos.
1 out of 6 made one... thats stupid.
i hope that was the last match you play without recording.
next time you play im sure the other team wants a def win if you dont. just have a look at cs scene ^^
you played very well thats why we dont want a def win and look like idiots, but read the rules guys.
im sure not every team cares about reputation.

peace joly
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