PENISBOMBER vs. Pain is Coming Rip
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 Pain is Coming Rip
Status: closed
MatchID 7943784
Date Friday, 26/10/07 14:00
Calculated 26/10/07 15:25
map cp_well
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1 : 6
Pain is Coming Rip wins !
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We would like to play this on Sunday evening if thats ok with you guys..

We have server etc.

Add wYs to steam friends

no sorry sunday evening is too late im gonna go for holidays on sunday... lets play tomorrow or saturday
I can only play Sunday or possibly Saturday afternoon!!
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I can't Saturday afternoon... Saturday evening should be ok and Sunday mostly all day if notified in advance.
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well it is not our problem...we can play tomorrow... if you wont play tomorrow (or if there is no other possibility saturday afternoon or evening) we will have to open a protest...

ps: in your team there are more than 6 people so it should be no problem to play tomorrow
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i know it's not you problem clon! Why can't you just play Sunday? Be reasonable ffs!
He can't play on Sunday because he won't be at home!

He is going to go on holiday so he can NOT play on Sunday!
Well if we cant get 6 on tonight we will have to play it mon/tue/wed.

how long is he on holidays for?
The match can only be delayed by a maximum of 2 days.
well we cannot play on sunday so we will have to play today...
All we're seeing here are demands from your ends... Be somewhat reasonable will you? Also take into consideration that some people can't take time out in such short terms.

What I understood from clon's post is, it's your way or the highway. Open a protest for what? The deadline is Sunday I thought, at the latest the war has to be played by then. Let's arrange this in an orderly fashion, okay?

Worse case scenario, we have to play it on Monday or Tuesday, as knix confirmed a delay is only possible for a maximum of 2 days.
PiC server

pw picwar

8.00 gmt

1hr 20 mins from now.

cu on
sry 7pm gmt
well i just had to reinstall windows so i need some more time like 15mins xD
server is out of date..

use this one

pw picwar
gl my m8s :)
Cobra macht mir ne Livecoverage, sieht gut aus bislang. ;)
gg well played
rematch just for fun in a few days...
gg jungs
gg guys !!
gg nice game
gg ! :)
gg, i'll actually play next time.
gg hope we see again in the rematch ^^
gg !

rematch.. np
GG mates, nice sportmanship even though you were one man down, and we would love to rematch sometime soon!
gg ! n1
gg guys wish i could be there with ya!
gg QQ

why lose !?
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