sigh6 vs. MTF Gaming
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 MTF Gaming
Status: closed
MatchID 7943782
Date Sunday, 28/10/07 14:00
Calculated 28/10/07 14:40
map cp_well
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10 : 0
sigh6 wins !
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Anyone from mtf awake? Last night i made a request to reschedule the match to sunday evening. Today emailed you from this page. And yer irc-channel seems a bit dead. Contact me asap by email or #jobola @qnet
Sorry for the late answer our TF2 Squad is still under construction :P

Sunday seems ok for me, I will check with my mates and give you an answer asap
If it's ok, then accept the adjournment request, you should see it on you Open Matches page or something
Match has been accepted. See you on Sunday
Are barred Players allowed to play ? Hope that you are OK with this for a first ESL Cup in TF2 :P
Thx for the game.

We are still under construction. so the result is OK
thaks for the game gl in the future.
good game guys thx 4 the war :) gl for the future and for the cup :)
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